General Information

Read and review before to your reservation

Information for Lodging at Hotel Puclaro


1) COORDINATION OF CHECK IN WITH HOTEL STAFF: Each guest must necessarily coordinate their arrival by phone at the hotel, +56947714970. Check In starts at 3:00 p.m. Check Out is until 12:00 pm. PETS NO ALLOWED!

2) PARKING LOT: The hotel does not have indoor parking; Vehicles can be safely parked in the sector in front of the Hotel on the main street.


– The hot tub works on a shift system of 1 hour per room. Guests must sign in on a blackboard located to the side of the hot tub.
– The Hotel does not have indoor parking; Vehicles have space available in front of the hotel to safely park during the stay.
– The Hotel does not have a 24-hour reception or staff. For receptions, Check In instructions will be received in the confirmation email, and all payments can only be made by remote means (transfers and website). The hotel will have helplines at the reception that are answered 24 hours a day in case a guest needs assistance or in an emergency, answered by staff who can be at the hotel at times if necessary.


In order to protect the safety of all the sailors of the Embalse Puclaro, the user must be aware of the following rules:


– Mandatory use of flotation device (Life Jacket or anti-impact) and helmet.
– Sign the Responsibility Formulary and send it previously by mail to the Company/School.
– In case of emergency, notify instructors with a prominent color shirt.
– It is not allowed to consume alcohol or drugs.
– Water entry zone: Parking is prohibited in the preparation zone, it is for the exclusive use of taking off and landing. Please do not leave equipment parked obstructing access to these armed areas.


– Mandatory use of short lines.
– The use of table Leash is PROHIBITED.
– Every Kitesurfer must handle the Self Rescue maneuver.
– Take into account the SOS maneuver to report an emergency from a distance (stay at a safe distance from the emergency and move the kite continuously between 11 and 1)
– In case of getting entangled with another Kite, come into contact with the other rider, if it is necessary to eject they must do so simultaneously.
– Drifting Kites are not rescued.


– In the event of a windsurfer colliding with a kitesurfer, the latter must leave the equipment and swim away from the lines to windward to avoid getting entangled with the kite lines. If windsurfing equipment has become firmly entangled with them and cannot be detached without risk to the affected windsurfer and kiteboarder, assistance should be requested from the appropriate rescue boat, without compromising the safety of other riders.
– All windsurfers must handle the Self-Rescue maneuver to reach the nearest beach in case of not being seen to carry out an assisted rescue using the international help signal (hands raised above the head with repetitive movements from side to side) .
– You should try to navigate to the windward of the kitesurfing area to avoid collisions.

Read and review before to your reservation

Money Return Policy

– Full Money Return If the guest cancels at least 2 weeks before the booked date (14 days or more counted back from the requested date of stay) and less than 90 days from the date the receipt was issued. After the 90 days mentioned, money is returned with taxes deducted (IVA: 19% of the amount).

– Money Refund Less VAT (19%): Notice with 2 weeks in advance (14 days or more counted backwards from the requested stay date) and with more than 90 days counted from the date the reservation was confirmed.

– 100% Credit: If the guest cancels in less than 2 weeks before the booked date (13 days or less counted back from the requested date of stay).

Credited money can be used either in the Hotel to book another stay, or in products in Windsurfing Chile.